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Pre Apprentice 


Pre-Apprenticeship Education-

    39 hr of Classroom education here at Blur Hair Academy preparing you to start your Apprenticeship program. To prepare you to start work in salon/barbershop,  you will receiving classroom education covering topics from work place safety, sanitation procedures, work place etiquette, basic salon skills and salon assistant skills. After the initial 39 hrs of education a required test is taken and passed to finish this pre apprenticeship education portion. At the completion of the 39hrs you submit your Apprenticeship License Application to the State of California.

On the Job Training 

On the Job Mentor Training- 

    Over the course of 3200 hrs, to be completed during two years,  you will be an apprentice within a mentor salon getting paid to learn while working, During this part of the program you will observe a working stylist and receive hands on training. Your mentor will supervise you while studying, doing services and helping with salon support duties. During this time you will be learning and preforming required services within you apprentice program. 

Class Room


Class Room Education at Blur Hair Academy-

    During the program the apprentice will receive 220 hour of classroom education here at Blur Hair Academy. The class room education is an educational environment located at Blur Hair Studio, the curriculum will cover California State Board of Barber & Cosmetology required curriculum, hands on training and demonstrations etc. Class will be held on Mondays for 5 hrs. 10am to 4 pm with a 1hr lunch. Students will required to bring tools and text book to every class. Students will need to be prepared to be attentive and diligent about class work and homework as assigned. 

Apprenticeship Overview 

Why you should consider a Cosmetology or Barber Apprenticeship to get your license?

-earn income while you learn 

-learn in a working salon or shop 

-learn from a mentor side by side 

-build clientele while attending school

-flexible training hours  


What does an apprenticeship program look like?


Research and choose Mentor to work with for duration of program. 

39hrs- of pre apprentice education taught by Blur Hair Academy at Blur Hair Studio.

Apply for Apprentice License 

3200hrs- of on the job training supervised with a licensed mentor. (2 years at least 32hr a week)  

220hrs- of class room education at Blur Hair Studio. (110hr per year)

Apply for Cosmetology/Barber exam after completion of coursework. 

What is the difference between a beauty college and an apprenticeship?


The difference between a traditional beauty school and an apprenticeship come down to a few things. 

  • The few difference is the length of the program is 2 yrs (3200 hrs) in an apprentice program vs. in a beauty college you could finish in 9-10 months (1600hr cosmetology 1500hr Barber). 

  • As an apprenticeship  your will be receiving a pay check for your hours working in the salon/ barbershop (at least minimum wage).

  • Your will be salon able to work in a salon within 3 months (39hrs of class room education). As a beauty college student you cannot work in a salon setting until you are licensed after graduation. 

  • The curriculum is the same standards from the sate of California. (book work education). 


Blur Hair Academy
is a satellite of
The League XS Apprenticeship Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering     
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