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Apprentice Mentors 

Why become a Mentor?

As a Mentor your will be taking on an Apprentice to help build the team at your salon filling the stations that are not making money at the moment. An Apprentice will be beneficial for the salon culture to help prove an educational environment in your salon. Having some extra hands around the salon will allow you to have an inspired assistant to learn your trade in real time everyday. An Apprentice will allow you to double book and be more efficient with your time in the salon. 


- Filling existing empty styling stations with working apprentice.

- Having a helping hand within the salon( assisting, salon support, junior stylist)

- Creating an inspiring learning culture in the salon. 

- Building salon stylist from the being of there career.

- Create new opportunity for career path within your salon.  

Mentor Resposiblities 

What is your commitment as a mentor?

With the benefits of being a Mentor come some responsibilities. You will be responsible for your apprentice for 24 months. 

-You will be responsible for paying your apprentice hourly with a proper payroll (W2 and proper workman's compensation insurance)

-Your will track student working hours (monthly form filled out) 

-You will Track student skills preformed (monthly form filled out)

-As the contracted mentor you must be present when apprentice is present in salon at all times. An apprentice can not earn any hours toward their certification if their Mentor is not present (If you are not in the salon, the apprentice is not allowed to preform any services in salon.)

-Your will be responsible for teaching and supervising the apprentice everyday skills such as:





    -health and safety 

    -customer management 

Blur Hair Academy
is a satellite of
The League XS Apprenticeship Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering     
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